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1. Once upon a time…There was a supervillain known as “The Great and Terrible Prosperine” (also known as Poppy) whose long-term goal was to take over her city.
-In this world, superhero and supervillain battles are a regular occurrence, and due to ineffective local governments, the heroes usually wind up in charge.
-Poppy’s mother, however, was one of the greatest supervillains in history and regularly took over cities all over the world.
-She trained Poppy to follow in her footsteps, paying for her education at the best school of villainy and acting as a mentor until her death.

2. Every day…She would conduct elaborate evil schemes to topple the local government and cause mass chaos.
-She loves plants, so most of her schemes are plant-related in some way.
-When those schemes fail, she finds solace and stress relief in her civilian life by being the president of her gardening club.

3. Until one day…One of her schemes succeeds.
-She uses her gardening skills to cause giant dandelions to sprout up around the city
-The hero in charge of local government is allergic to dandelions and can’t stop sneezing

4. Because of that… Poppy finds that she is now in charge of the whole city.
-Per the rules of superhero vs. supervillain battles, the hero’s office is completely empty, and most of the staff have fled, save for one lowly intern with nowhere else to go.
-Poppy goes to the office and meets the intern, Devon, whom she recognizes from her gardening club, and immediately makes them her new assistant.
-She has a grand old time celebrating being the city’s new leader.

5. Because of that… Poppy attempts to run the city but finds herself getting overwhelmed with all the tasks that need to be done.
-She is constantly working late with little sleep, trying to keep up with the demands and learn what she doesn’t know until she is exhausted.
-She has little time for herself or her beloved plants, and the gardening club is beginning to fall into disarray.
-However, she also learns more about Devon, including that they are estranged from their family for being non-binary. Poppy talks about her mother’s plan for her villainy, and the two begin to form a friendship.

6. Because of that… The gardening club is participating in the upcoming summer festival, where, as the new leader of the city, Poppy is the keynote speaker and chairperson.
-She spends the entire night trying to balance those duties with that of the club, running back and forth and switching between her supervillain and civilian identity.
-The club is supposed to present an array of their most beautiful flowers, which Poppy promised to take care of. But in all her haste, she forgot, and the flowers have died.
-Before she can fix it, she has to run back to her supervillain duties, and when she returns, she realizes she’s forgotten to take off her signature mask.
-Everyone, including Devon, finds out about her supervillain identity, and Poppy is shunned. She feels terrible about herself and like she is a failure at everything.

7. Until finally… Poppy reflects on her life and everything that has happened up to this point, finding that her primary source of joy comes not from the villainy her mother pushed her into, but from her gardening club.
-She uses the supplies from her dandelion scheme to bring the flowers back to life and presents the display at the festival.
-She also publicly unmasks herself, giving an apologetic speech where she talks about how villains are expected to take over things—but are never actually told how to run them.
-She officially steps down from her position and from villainy altogether, deciding to live her life as Poppy from then on, and turns herself in to the authorities.

8. And ever since then… Poppy has been living a happy and peaceful life as a gardener with her own flower shop, while simultaneously making up for her villainy with community service.
-She uses her old villainy tools to fix up the city and help the hero restore order.
-She has also made amends with her club and resumed her previous role as president, with Devon becoming her co-president to relieve some of the stress.

The moral of the story is… Be true to yourself and do what makes you happy. Follow your own dreams, not anyone else’s.

Liz (Team Viking)



Poppy: The Great and Terrible


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