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Hi guys! Welp, here it is! There are a few things that I didn't have time to alter/change and it's not perfect, but as the moral of Piper's Story goes, nothing is! Wish I made the time to find some good music to go along with the reel but eh. Thank you so so much to everyone who watched, offered their feedback and left such lovely warm comments throughout the past few months. I really appreciate all of you and I hope you all enjoy this final reel of Piper's Story :o)


(MAJOR BEAT 1) Once upon a time, there was a shy, young artist named Piper

-Piper attends an art school and is constantly surrounded by a bunch of other talented, confident artists.
-She looks at their work, looks at hers and ultimately compares herself. She wants to be as good as them, so she develops a perfectionist mindset
-She has a few friends that she confides in, and they try to push her to relax and “enjoy the process”, but she can’t seem to grasp the concept
-And so, Piper glues herself to her desk, draws, overworks herself and tries to keep up with her classmates—but soon discovers how much she doesn’t enjoy her passion anymore. She burns herself out.
-She loses her spark.
-She grows depressed and opts to stay in instead of hanging out with her friends.
-It feels like she’s lost everything she cared about.

(MAJOR BEAT 2) Everyday Piper is reminded of how much she doesn’t enjoy drawing anymore, and how much she used to love it as a child.

-Piper grabs some of her old sketchbooks and pictures from her younger years and flips through them.
-She reminisces of the times when she created without fear— without comparison. When she had fun drawing.
-She’s inspired by her old art. She decides that she wants to try anything to get that spark back
-And so she sits at her desk for the first time in months and tries to come up with a new idea.
-Piper tries to brainstorm and draw and ultimately gets too wrapped up in the mistakes— and gives up.
-Piper wrestles with her mind. She faces the hard decision of whether or not she’ll continue to pursue her passion of drawing—or find a new passion.

(MAJOR BEAT 3) Until one day, Piper decides that drawing isn’t her thing anymore. She succumbs to her realization that she’ll have to find another spark, something new that she can love and enjoy doing

-And so, Piper goes even more weeks without drawing. She doesn’t even try.
-One night, Piper gets a text from one of her friends inviting her to the park for a “fun activity”
-Piper feels guilty bc she hasn’t hung out with them in months. She loves them and misses being with them.


(MAJOR BEAT 4) Because of that, Piper grabs her things and heads to the park to meet her friends. The “fun activity” is revealed to be something called light painting.

-Piper’s sits and watches her friends go at it for a while
-One of her friends manages to convince her to try
-She can’t get it the first few times but keeps trying
-She manages to finish one but considers it a “mess up”
-She inevitably lets her perfectionism get the best of her yet again.
-She’s discouraged— she’s not having fun and is convinced that this won’t be where she finds her new spark either.
-She decides that she doesn’t wanna try anymore and would rather go home.

(MAJOR BEAT 5) Because of that Piper starts packing up her things to leave, until she’s stopped by a bright light. Her “mess up” comes to life!

-Piper and her friends are enamored— Piper can’t believe that something she messed up on could be so beautiful and full of life— and hers!
-They all stand in awe of Piper’s creation
-Piper’s mess up entices her to keep creating with her friends

(MAJOR BEAT 6) Because of that, she stays and continues making light paintings, all imperfect, but beautiful attempts. They all come to life and show her just how beautiful letting go and just creating for fun can be!

-The paintings surround Piper and her friends in the field
-Everyone marvels at the magical paintings that surround them


(MAJOR BEAT 7) Until finally, Piper realizes that it was never about finding a new passion— it was always about letting herself be free from the restraints she was putting on herself. It was always about allowing herself to have fun without having to compare her work to others. It was always about letting herself be free to create whatever she wanted without the need to be perfect or to keep up with others.

-Piper and her friends stay out all night creating painting after painting until the sun comes up
-They all slowly disappear but leave the magic they created with Piper and her friends

(MAJOR BEAT 8) And ever since then, Piper attempts to create with her heart and tries to not be consumed with her own deep desire to be perfect. She leans into the fun side of creating and has even taken up a hobby of light painting for fun! She slowly gets her spark back, one attempt at a time.


The moral of the story is, create with your heart. Have fun, let loose and don’t let the desire to compare or be perfect get in your way. Art is subjective and creating because you love to create is more than enough.

Thanks so much for watching! :o)

UPDATE: I had a little extra time after I submitted and found a cute little soundtrack to add! Let me know if it's too overpowering!

ANOTHER UPDATE: Thank you all for such kind, sweet, uplifting comments!! They all make my heart so warm :'o)
If you guys want to keep up with me, my social media handle is @sketchnwhatevr on instagram, twitter, tumblr and hive!

Team chels :o)



Piper's Story :o)


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